Join Our Team

Want to join the Love Leggings Team and become an Independent Fashion Stylist? Of course you do!

Why? Because we are unlike any other home business out there!

Our Stylists design their business! This means:

  • You have a territory that is uniquely your own.
  • Select the  product you want to carry
  • Create your own monthly promotions: including hostess incentives
  • Develop your own sales strategy: home shows, Facebook sales, twitter parties, trunk sales, email orders or pre booked themed parties
  • Earn commission on website sales from your own customers

Our goal is for you to have fun with your business, and make it uniquely yours.  We give you the tools and the territory, the rest is up to you! Isn’t it time that you create your own career path?

Love Leggings is a small business owned and operated by a busy mom. Selling clothing to amazing ladies should be fun! Join the team today and find out for yourself.

NEW FOR 2016!! – Our stylists can now earn commission on website sales from their own local customers. You really can work from home and make money!

8 Reasons to Become an Independant Fashion Stylist:


Each Stylist has a specific territory! You don’t have to worry about competition from your neighbour, helping to build a strong group of returning customers.

Order Your Stock Online!

Ordering your stock is easy with our online ordering system! No need to worry about out of date catalogues, you will know what is available to you with a click of a button.  It is convenient, user friendly and environmentally conscious.

Choose Your Own Hours

You are in control! Choose your own hours and how you sell. There is no sales quotas, no junior staff to train, and no pre-structured promotions. Sell the product however you are comfortable – home parties, events, open houses, online etc.

Fast Support from Head Office

If you have any questions or concerns, you have an assigned Account Manager who can help you along the way.

Choose Your Products

Choose what items you want to keep in stock, you don’t have to carry ALL of the items we offer; you get to pick!

Start Making Money Right Away!

As soon as you have your stock you can get to work right away and start earning extra money.

Work Alone, or with a Friend!

Want to work with a friend? No problem! You can both sign up together and share a territory.

Make Money & Have Fun!

You are running your own little business and have all of the control!

Want to Get Started??

Please note that we only accept one person per area (unless working together). If you are interested in learning more about being an Independent Fashion Stylist for Love Leggings, please fill out the contact form below and our Recruiting Manager will get back to you within two business days.